Almost one year ago, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, commonly referred to in the tabloids as “Brangelina,” held a marriage ceremony in the South of France– planned by their six kids. Walking their mother down the aisle, gathering flowers from the garden, writing their parents’ wedding vows, and even baking a cake were just a few of the responsibilities the children took on to bring the family together and make the Pitt-Jolie wedding day special.

A Unique Twist on a Designer Gown: Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress

Photo: Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress veil


The most unique and gossip-worthy aspect of the “Brangelina” wedding was, of course, Angelina’s wedding gown. A spokesperson at Versace said  Jolie wore a silk-satin white gown that featured embroidered drawings by her own children on the veil. The colorful drawings by six children (ages 6-13) added a unique and personal touch to the otherwise stunning gown.

While some may consider this extravagant twist on a simple wedding gown to be outlandish and a tad overboard– they are celebrities, after all–incorporating family into so many details of the wedding is a touch that can only make the special day’s memories more meaningful.

Tips from the “Brangelina” Wedding: Bring the Family Together

Most people would advise against following a celebrity’s example. But in this instance, the “Brangelina” wedding is a good reminder for what weddings are all about: to bring the family together. It doesn’t take a lavish location or gown to make your special day special to each member of your family. Here are some ideas to incorporate the most important people in your life into the most important day of your life:

1. Use your family’s talents to make the load lighter

Every person in the family has their own niche that you can employ during the big day. “Brangelina” claims that each child picked his/her duties for the wedding festivities. Your aunt loves gardening and would be happy to create the bouquet; your sister can’t get enough of Pinterest and wants to take charge of the centerpieces; your brother’s taste in music would ensure an awesome wedding playlist– the strengths of each person in your family can be used to make them feel included in the festivities as well as make things easier on you.

  1. Make a vow with the entire family

Photo: Bring the Family Together with Guest Wedding Vows

10 Meaningful Touches for Your Ceremony

“Brangelina” encouraged their kids to take on their new marriage commitment by utilizing them as ring-bearers. Although wedding vows are traditionally between the husband and wife, joining two families together requires a bigger commitment—especially for blended families! Writing a separate set of vows asking the guests at the wedding to support, encourage, give advice to, and love the new couple can unite the new families in a unique and meaningful way.

Photo: Bring the Family Together Using Family Heirlooms

100 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

  1. Incorporate family heirlooms

You’ve heard of the tradition to have “something borrowed” be a part of your wedding, right? Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting and unique; Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress veil was practically created by her children!

Consider incorporating a few meaningful keepsakes or decorations from family members across several generations into your ceremony.

12 Tips to Bring the Generations in Your Family Closer
  1. Share recipes

Encourage family members (from both sides!) to share and prepare family recipes for dishes and appetizers. Allowing the two families to take a “bite” of family tradition will help them get to know each other that much better. (While he didn’t necessarily use a secret family recipe, the 10-year old son of “Brangelina” was able to save the day by baking a cake for the festivities.)

  1. Preserve memories and strengthen family ties

After the special occasion has passed, remind family of the wedding joy by sharing photos in a way that allows them to interact with one another. Keeping the newly blended family in touch while laughing over pictures of Grandma Midge boogyin’ on the dance floor will only strengthen the relationship of the two families.

Not everyone can have Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress—but it is possible to bring the family together and unite the two families on your special wedding day.

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