A flood of memories accompanies one look at a bride’s old wedding dress. For Christina, these memories were the key to a romantic Valentine’s Day surprise. We received a rush order to turn back the clock and restore Christina’s vintage gown to it’s former glory.

When we received Christina’s vintage gown, we couldn’t help but fall in love with it just as Christina had done many years ago. Fortunately,  Christina’s satin gown had been well-cared for and was not accompanied by severe damage– but the yellowing was hard to ignore. How unfortunate that such a beautiful, unique dress had become victim to time (as we all are!). The lace and netting had darkened at a different rate than the satin, becoming different shades of yellow; the metal buttons were barely holding on; the already fragile vintage gown was more delicate than ever.

Thanks to the Heritage Select™ method of wedding dress restoration , Christina’s vintage gown didn’t have to look vintage. A chemical whitening treatment and hand cleaning of the gown, slip, and tulle made a shocking difference to the aged fabric; what was once a wrinkled, yellow antique emerged a bright and crisp vintage gown.

To ensure that Christina’s dress would never again suffer the effects of time, Christina chose to preserve her dress using the Museum Method™ wedding dress preservation. This acid-free method of preservation protects the gown from dust and light, provides the best air circulation, and prevents creasing and wrinkles.

While most brides get to enjoy their dress only on the day of the wedding, Christina has now been able to use her dress once more to pull off a thoughtful Valentine’s Day surprise and will continue to surprise herself time and time again; now that Christina’s wedding dress will no longer fade away, neither will her memories.


We feel so honored to have been a part of Christina’s special Valentine’s Day surprise. Would you like to preserve the memories from your special day by restoring your wedding dress? Feel free to examine our careful and detailed wedding dress preservation and wedding gown restoration process.

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