Morena’s wedding in San Francisco, California was no doubt a wonderful success. Her beautiful Ramona Kaveza silk charmeuse gown had one strap and a train that hung on only one side. It is unique and lovely. Crystal buttons adorn the back. Morena also wore a chapel length veil.

After her wedding however, the hemline of her gown was quite a mess. Of course there was also some perspiration and make up inside the gown along with a small purple stain on right breast, small gold-tone stain on front of bodice and a little grease, probably from a delicious dinner.

She brought her wedding dress to up for cleaning and preservation. We were able to remove the dirt on the hemline and all the stains returning her gown to a “Like New” condition. We preserved her dress with Museum Method™ wedding dress preservation.  She will now be able to admire it any time she wants.

Morena's beautiful wedding dress is now like new with our expert wedding dress cleaning and preservation

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