A Wedding Dress Story

By Robin N.

I was *very* surprised when my fiancee proposed to me in Dec. 2013; I’d never pictured myself as a bride! I tried on a lot of dresses from many stores, trying to figure out which dress felt the most like me. No huge surprise that the one I chose had no tulle, or beading or ruffles; but the sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves and slim fit silk taffeta were just right for someone just coming to terms with being ‘a bride’. The dress was called Tulip and I just loved the way it looked and felt!I purchased it from a local San Francisco designer – Amy Kuschel. They hand-make each dress in San Francisco. Since I’m from Louisiana and had my wedding in New Orleans, I wanted to have a piece of San Francisco with me.

We had our wedding at the end of September, 2014 – with the ceremony at a local gospel church and the reception at a great old house. There’s a tradition in New Orleans that after a wedding you do a Second Line parade with all the guests through the streets, with a jazz band leading the way. While some brides change out of their real dress for the parade, my dress was so comfortable and I wanted it to be with me all night long! Thus, after the ceremony, the photos, and the reception, my husband and I led all of my wedding guests through the streets of the French Quarter, where we were cheered on by the crowds on the streets as we danced along and waved custom handkerchiefs. For our afterparty, we just bar-hopped around the French Quarter, with everyone commenting on my lovely dress and wanting to take photos with ‘the bride’!

Unfortunately, there was some rain and lots of dirt on Bourbon street that night but I like to think that my dress showed just how much fun we had!

Robin and bridesmaids and groomsmen

Robin N wedding day

Robin N and bridesmaids for wedding dress story
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