Samantha must have had a wonderful time on her wedding day. And apparently it was an outdoor wedding, or perhaps they just took some fabulous photos outdoors afterward, as there was significant dirt and grease on the hemline area. Thorough wedding dress cleaning was absolutely essential.

Samantha’s wedding dress was absolutely amazing with layers of silk organza shaped in flower petals for the skirt. Volume was created with the horse-hair trim. The bodice included an inner corset, with perspiration, evidence of a fun event.

Fortunately Heritage Garment Preservation’s expert wedding dress cleaning was able to restore her wedding dress to nearly perfect condition. Samantha chose Museum Method™ wedding dress preservation. So she will be able to enjoy her wedding dress for years to come.

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Dirt and grease on this wedding dress hemline required expert wedding dress cleaningLook closely to see how this wedding dress cleaning removed all the dirt and grease.  This wedding gown is good as new.

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