Wedding Dress Story
By Megan S.

“I wore the dress on our wedding day, September 14th, 2019.  My now husband (Jacob) and I got married in Grafton, IL at Aerie’s Terrace.

I purchased the dress from Sincerely Yours Bridal in Manchester, MO. Melanie helped me find the perfect dress!

Megan and Jacob S. on their wedding day at Aerie's Resort and Winery in Grafton, IL.

Some modifications were made to the dress. We added different straps, as the original were thin straps with beads, and I preferred thicker straps with lace. We also added the belt to give more definition and shine.”

The front of Megan's beautiful gown.

When we received Megan’s beautiful gown, there were just mild stains on the straps and bodice and the gown needed a few minor repairs. We were able to lift all stains from the dress. And we tightened loose beads and repaired a few small holes.

Megan and Jacob S. on their wedding day at Aerie's Resort and Winery in Grafton, IL.

Megan selected custom wording to add a personal touch to her gown’s preservation label:  “Bride: Megan G. Groom: Jacob S. Date of Wedding: September 14, 2019 Place of Wedding: Aerie’s Resort & Winery, Grafton, IL”

The back of Megan's beautiful gown.

Megan chose the Heritage Couture™ package for the Full Style Gown Cleaning and Preservation with the Museum Method™ which will keep her dress protected from damage caused by wrinkles and creases. And she can look at her gown anytime, as it is easily accessible with this preservation method.

Do you have a gown that needs wedding dress preservation? Get a Free quote today and let our experts take care of your dress with the same tender loving care.

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