Lindsay’s Martina Liana
Wedding Dress Story

I started my bridal gown search on and looked at over 1,000 pictures of dresses. I realized that almost every single dress I liked came from the same designer, Martina Liana. I was never the type of person to get pulled into a name but there was something about the feminine, elegant style of her gowns that I was drawn to. I tried on gowns at 3 different shops and waited for that moment that everyone talks about where they put on the dress and instantly know it’s the perfect one. It never came.

The third shop was the only shop that carried Martina Liana and as we pulled dresses to try on the sales associate was careful to not tell me who the designers were. She didn’t want the name to sway my decision. I narrowed it down to 3 dresses and the sales associate was shocked when they all turned out to be by Martina Liana.

Since I couldn’t make up my mind, I made a second appointment at the shop a few weeks later during their Martina Liana trunk show. I found the gown I bought at the trunk show, which was perfect because when you buy during a trunk show you get a discount.

I honestly didn’t have that “aha” moment when trying on my gown. I put it on several times, deciding I preferred it with a fuller slip and a sash to really fit my style. Once I saw it with those added touches I realized that it was everything I wanted in a gown.

I did not order a sash that day, but when I got home I found the gown online and the model was wearing it with a grosgrain ribbon sash. I loved the contrast of the plain colored grosgrain compared to the delicate detail of the gown. My mom found a grosgrain ribbon at a craft store for $12 that was exactly what I had in mind. I had the seamstress stitch it to the gown during my fitting.

The bridal shop was Bijou Bridal in Ardmore, PA.  It is Martina Liana style 419. It is an ivory gown with a lace overlay featuring Swarovski crystals and champagne and ivory colored beading.
Photos courtesy of Candid Moments Photography

Lindsays Wedding Dress Preservation

Heritage Garment Preservation cleaned and preserved Lindsays wedding dress with Museum Method™ wedding gown preservation so she will enjoy her beautiful Martina Liana wedding gown forever.

Lindsays Wedding Dress Story

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