It’s obvious that Heritage Garment Preservation supports sentimentality and encourages preserving your wedding gown. Your gown can be a treasured keepsake for years to come if it is preserved properly. But for those of you who see no point in holding on to your dress for 87 years, don’t just let the dress oxidize and wither away in the back of your closet! There’s one option that pays for another bride to have the dress of her dreams: consignment. Have you ever thought about consigning your wedding dress?

We’ll tell you why you should sell a consignment wedding dress and how to sell a consignment dress– you just start making money!


Why: Return on Investment

It’s not an easy decision to spend money on a dress you know you’ll only wear one time (maybe two or three times if you count bridal photos and more than one reception). An awesome way to get back some of that money is to sell your dress. If you do it within a year or two of buying, you can almost sell it for its current market price (and if you’ve had it cleaned properly, the price you list it at can be even higher!). Go ahead and put some of that money back into your new house decor fund, your dream honeymoon, or the hundreds of Thank-You cards you still haven’t bought. Consignment Wedding Dresses


How: Online

Consignment isn’t a brand new notion, and sites like eBay and Etsy have been flourishing for years– but there’s a newer type of consignment market that specifically focuses on wedding gowns! There are so countless sites designed to assist with this sort of thing, but saves you the trouble of searching and identified “7 Places Besides Ebay To Resell Your Wedding Dress” that you can at least start with.
Still White: Consignment Wedding Dress store’s Tricks of the Trade

TODAY interviewed founder Tracy Dinunzio who provided specific tips on selling your wedding dress (read the whole article for all the details):

    Tradesy: Online Consignment Wedding Dress Store

  • “Try to sell the dress within 2 1/2 years of buying it. You’ll increase your chances of selling while the style is still popular and current.

  • Maximize its value by having it professionally cleaned.

  • Provide several photos and a detailed description — so a buyer can fall in love the way you did!

  • Price it fairly for its market value.

  • Don’t be afraid to sell a dress from the ’80s or ’90s — they’re now considered vintage!”

    Only you know how much your wedding dress means to you. Be sure to be honest with yourself before you commit to consigning– there’s no shame in holding on to something so special! Whether you’ll keep your dress to cherish it forever or decide to part with it and get some cash at the same time, make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to clean and preserve your dress properly. Even an old dress can be brought back to life for sentimental purposes or to put money back into your pocket. Whatever you decide to do with your dress post-Wedding Day won’t change the memories you made wearing your dream dress– those are priceless!

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