before-and-afterA simple gown without minor stains, tears, or other serious problems could be cleaned by anyone or anything, right? WRONG! Vintage gowns are fragile and delicate– and have to be handled delicately. Karen’s vintage gown was in pretty good condition when it arrived at Heritage Garment Preservation, but it left even better than we found it!
Karen’s gown featured a fragile layer of netting around the neckline that had developed some small holes, and the vintage buttons decorating the cuffs of the dress’ sleeves were barely holding on! Luckily Heritage Garment Preservation offers a Slim Style Gown Care package that was perfect for handling Karen’s dress and its unique needs.


Karen’s dress received some special Heritage Garment Preservation TLC (tender loving care) and was hand cleaned. The buttons were removed for cleaning and then re-sewn onto the dress stronger than ever. The fragile netting was repaired and the tiny holes that seemed impossible to fix were no longer noticeable.

AFTER buttons

As a finishing touch on Karen’s newly repaired and restored gown, Karen chose to have her wedding dress preserved using Museum Method™ Preservation. Her dress will remain in great condition and will need less maintenance.

Karen was so happy with our service she later sent Christening and baptismal gowns to be restored and preserved! We are so happy Heritage Garment Preservation was able to offer the attention her vintage heirlooms deserve.

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