One of our customers sent us her damaged wedding gown for a wedding dress repair. She had taken the bridal gown to her local dry-cleaners for cleaning. But when she picked it up she could hardly believe that the cleaners had ironed out and removed all of the “pick ups” (little poofs) that made the wedding dress beautiful.

I had a similar experience, but not nearly so devastating years ago. I took a favorite dress to the dry-cleaners and it was destroyed in the same manner. My dress was made of a crinkly fabric. I loved it. but when I picked it up it was completely ironed out flat. It started as a size 6 crinkly dress, but came back a size 16 flat fabric dress! Although I had loved that dress, it was not a sentimental piece so I just threw it out.

Damaged Wedding Gown

But our bride loved her damaged wedding gown and wanted it returned to it’s wedding day condition. Not only had the “pick ups” been removed by the dry-cleaner, but the wedding dress had also yellowed slightly.

Wedding Dress Repaired

Our skilled staff set to work, whitening the damaged wedding gown, pressing it smooth, and then our seamstresses completed the wedding dress repair by returning the beautiful “pick ups”. It was a lot of work but it turned out beautiful.

Damaged wedding dress after treatment

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