We are often asked how we use Museum Method™ (hanging) bridal gown preservation with strapless wedding gowns. We have a new video to show how we do it which you can watch below.

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Strapless Bridal Gown Preservation Video


Museum Method™ Strapless Wedding Gown Preservation

  1. The first step we do is sew twill tape straps into the bodice of the dress so its weight can  be distributed evenly. If your bridal gown is very heavy we may also sew twill tape straps to lift and distribute that weight evenly. That way your wedding dress does not become distorted as it hangs through the years.
  2. We also use under arm straps to help distribute the weight.
  3. Your wedding dress is then hung on an acid-free padded hanger and the twill straps are tied at the top.
  4. If you purchase our Heritage Select wedding gown preservation your wedding dress bodice will be stuffed with acid-free tissue. If you purchase Heritage Couture™ bridal gown preservation, your wedding dress will be stuffed with 100% cotton muslin.
  5. Last of all, your bridal gown is placed in our cotton wedding gown preservation bag. Your bag can hang in your closet where you can inspect it easily.

Using Museum Method for your wedding gown preservation makes it easy for you to inspect your wedding gown and helps prevent creasing over long periods of time, which happens sometimes with boxed bridal gown preservation. The acid-free environment of Museum Method™ wedding gown preservation also helps prevent your dress from yellowing.

Heritage Garment Preservation specializes in bridal gown cleaning and preservation.  Your wedding gown care costs will vary depending on the package your select.

We are always striving to provide the best service for our customers. If you have questions please call us  at 866-268-4696.

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