One of our customers, Joan M.,  wanted her aged and yellowed wedding dress restored, but was afraid to spend the money on it without being certain the restoration process would be successful. Joan came up with a great plan – Test it before committing.

Ms Miller’s wedding dress has a detachable train, so she sent the gown and train to us and asked us to process only the train first. If the results were good, we would then restore the dress as well. If she was not happy with the restoration, she could make a ring bearer pillow out of it instead. Fortunately for Joan, her train turned out great.

We are never 100% certain exactly how each dress will turn out. We use several different chemicals depending on the fabric fiber, age of gown, sheen of fabric, etc. Every dress is different! I was personally thrilled with the color after restoration. I’ve shown it here with the dress which has not been restored. The picture really does not do it justice. The color of the train (shown on right of gown) is great – a very nice off white.

GownTrainCompareBlogWhen in doubt, test it out!

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