About 80% of wedding gowns are made of synthetic fabrics…which may surprise you since textile science has created amazing synthetic fabrics (usually polyester) that are dead ringers for…duchess silk, dupioni silk, silk taffeta, etc.

So your “silk” wedding gown may actually be one of those dead ringers.  If so, enjoy our $25 off wedding gown care promotion this month with coupon code: NotSilk

 If you are not sure, check your gown care label.  But, sometimes labels are removed during alterations.  Price may be helpful as most wedding gowns made of actual silk cost over $2000.  You can also check the designers website – silk gowns are usually identified as silk, but words like “silky” usually mean synthetic.

When in doubt, go ahead and Get a Quote and Order your wedding gown care and our staff will identify the fibers after we receive your gown.  Be sure and save $25 when you use the discount code: NotSilk

Amanda's Wows in Amsale Gown
Shannon Sotos's Dream Wedding Dress