Average Style Gown Restoration and Preservation


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First Step – Select Desired Preservation


Heritage Box™ Preservation

Heritage Box Wedding Gown Preservation
  • Acid/lignin free
  • Stores under most beds
  • Protected from dust and light
  • Can be inspected and admired
  • Dress can breathe
  • Should be refolded periodically

Museum Method™ Preservation

  • Acid/lignin free
  • Easily stored in closet
  • Protected from dust and light
  • Easily inspected and admired
  • Dress can breathe
  • Does not need refolding
  • No permanent creasing
  • Best air circulation
  • Needs less maintenance
Museum Method Wedding Gown Preservation\

Next Step – Select Service Package

Heritage Select™

Restoration and Preservation
Standard Service Package


  1. Most fabrics & gown styles
  2. One accessory (veil or other)
  3. Steam pressed
  4. Additional charges for very dirty hemlines, extreme stains, metal backed or wood buttons or gowns requiring special care
  5. Repairs available (extra charge)
  6. Pre-paid shipping label emailed to you (shipping kit available for $35)
  7. Drop off dress at local FedEx center

Preservation Benefits

Custom label included in Couture Package

From $599

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I didn’t think it was possible…

Your company did a beautiful job on my wedding dress! I am very pleased with how clean it turned out. You were able to eliminate the yellow and the dirt from my dress that was 38 years old. I didn’t think it was possible!

Lisa Morris


Heritage Couture™

Restoration and Preservation
Premium Service Package


  1. All fabrics and gown styles
  2. Three accessories included
  3. Hand pressed for a perfect finish
  4. Includes all hemline conditions, stains, metal backed or wood buttons and gowns requiring special care
  5. Repairs included  (2 hours)
  6. Shipping kit included – box, tape and pre-paid shipping label shipped to you
  7. Priority Service included
  8. Courier pick up at your home or office

Preservation Benefits

Custom label included in Couture Package

From $899

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Prefer wedding gown restoration without preservation? Order Here


Restoration Risks

Please be aware that the restoration process is a hot chemical treatment that will whiten yellowed gowns and remove oxidized spots. While most gowns handle the treatment well, some gowns can be damaged by this treatment. Potential risks include lace tears, chafing of silk gowns, thinning of some satins, and color alteration of some silk fabrics. We will do all we can to test fabrics for safe treatment and notify you of any risks of which we are aware; however, it is impossible to predict the final outcome of each dress. Consequently, we require a signed liability waiver and a $300 non-refundable deposit before initiating gown restoration treatment.

Special Care and Service Packages

Heritage Select™ package may accrue additional charges ($50 – $250) for very dirty hemlines, severe stains, vintage button care (metal backed or wood) or for couture style dresses requiring special care (i.e. three dimensional appliques, feathers, unfinished edges, hand painted designs, etc.)

Heritage Couture™ package includes service for wedding gowns from any designer, with any fabric, style, hemline condition, stain, vintage button and/or other embellishments requiring non-standard care.

More About Vintage Buttons: Depending on the age of your wedding gown, it could have buttons made with wood, metal, or even paper pulp. The restoration process is a water based treatment, and many vintage buttons react adversely to water and restoration chemicals. After inspecting your gown, we will consult with you if we have recommendations for your specific buttons. There may be additional fees for your vintage button care with Heritage Select™ orders. All embellishments, including vintage button care are included in our Heritage Couture™ package.

Customers may choose to upgrade to Heritage Couture service after gown is inspected.   If in doubt about your gown, call us at 866-268-4696 or send an email with photo of gown to gowncare@heritagegown.com

Expert Repairs

Heritage Couture™ package includes up to two hours of repairs performed by our expert technicians.  Heritage Select™ package includes minor repairs (small tears, tighten loose beads, etc.). Additional repairs are available for both packages.

Slim Style Gown Restoration and Preservation
Full Style Gown Restoration and Preservation

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 9 cm
Gown Age

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Service Package


44 reviews for Average Style Gown Restoration and Preservation

  1. Dorine Scribner,

    My younger daughter became engaged in March 2010. She loves antiques, quilting, making things, etc. One day, I thought of my mother’s wedding dress that my grandmother had hand made, just in case that option would appeal to her more. I had tried the dress on years ago and when I picked it up from moms, I didn’t anticipate any surprises. The satin and lace were a beautiful even pale yellow, but there were significant, brownish, irregular stains on the right front of the dress at the hip and on the cotton lining of the dress and train. Also, because the lining was so fragile, there were also some tears in it, horizontally and diagonally.
    I didn’t know what to do so, I googled wedding dress restoration on my laptop. I found the Heritage Garment Preservation site and was immediately impressed with the before and after photos and was even more impressed with the comments from other brides. I contacted Kathy by email and then by phone and was so encouraged by her explanation of my options. She was so patient and thoroughly understood what she was explaining. I decided to get the dress restored first, and then to have it cleaned and preserved later. Kathy regularly sent me updates and contacted me during the restoration process from start to finish. I so appreciated her level of communication.
    The dress arrived and both my daughter and I were amazed at the transformation. The stains were completely gone and the seams in the lining were so symmetrical and smooth that I had no idea where the original tears had been. The dress is beautiful and certainly ready to be worn by my daughter or any of my young nieces or future granddaughters who would be so honored as to wear this special piece from our family history. I am planning on sending the dress back to be preserved, along with my own wedding dress, after my daughter’s wedding next month. I have already recommended Heritage Garment Preservation to visiting family and look forward to contacting them in the near future.

  2. June Smith

    Just wanted to take time from my busy holiday schedule to let you know how happy I am with the results of my mother-in-laws wedding dress. I sent in on to my niece who will be wearing it for her wedding. She was so happy and impressed at how beautiful it looked.
    Great job!

  3. Patricia Eyler

    I am thrilled that my wedding gown worn 57 years ago,has been restored to its original beauty. Thank you for your talent that allows you to restore gowns to their original glory! I hope my granddaughters will love to wear it also!

  4. Kiah

    I am so happy with Heritage Garment Preservation! My gown was dealt with professionally and the cleaning job is outstanding! I loved getting updated. Thanks again!

  5. Anonymous

    I was very impressed at how my wedding gown was cleaned, preserved and packaged/sent in the mail. I was first worried that my wedding gown will be altered too much as it had a tear at the hem. But they were able to fix it smoothly. I can tell it was done with care. The staff that I spoke to on the phone and exchanged e mails with was very helpful in answering my questions and concerns about the whole process. They also responded right away. I highly recommend HGP to anyone who would love to have their wedding gown preserved. I am very grateful that I chose them to take great care of my wedding gown.

  6. D. Klein

    Thanks for a job well done on my wedding gown from 27 years ago. The food stains in the skirt came out completely, the pressing job and presentation in the return garment bag made it look as good as new! I look forward to wearing it on another occasion, since it is a lovely tea length winter white dress.

  7. Deb McCue

    Thank you all for the wonderful care and restoration of my mother-in-law’s 77 year old silk wedding gown. It is now ready to be re-styled for my daughter Katie. The platic-bag related transfer is gone, the rust, perspiration and dirt have been removed and the fabric has been restored to a creamy, golden hue. We are all so pleased. I appreciate your long-distance hand-holding as you took us through the process. We will definitely be returning the gown to your for cleaning and preservation after the wedding in May.

  8. Anonymous

    I had decided that I wanted to weary my mother’s wedding gown from the 1970’s a long time ago. When my fiance and I got engaged I started to research how I could clean it…the lace detail turned a dark yellow and there was staining on the train and bottom of the dress.

    I found Heritage Garment Preservation on the internet. I was reluctant to send my dress to CA as I live on the east coast. I was not able to find anything local so I decided to send it.

    I’m so glad I did! Not only did the restore the color of the dress they maintained the texture of the fabric. They were very professional and kept me up to date on the progress as it took a coupe of weeks.

  9. Danilyn

    I couldn’t say enough about the help and the quality of work I received from Heritage Garments. I had a very tight timeline, 6 weeks tight, and they not only had to clean my 25+ year old dress & remove all the stains from years of improper storage but they customers s tailored it as well. I had the sleeves removed and very large holes fixed. I couldn’t be happier with my product I wish I could show pictures. My mother’s dress was everything I could have hoped for on my special day. They got all of this done in 2 weeks and a weeks a shipping. I was so impressed with their customer service and quality of work. I would defiantly recommend them to everyone. It’s awesome work, customer service, & value!!

  10. Kelly A.

    I loved working with Heritage Garment Preservation. Everyone was very friendly and timely in their responses to my inquiries. I appreciate the hard work you did in restoring my gown. Thank you!!

  11. June Wood

    My wedding gown, veil and headpiece, arrived today. It was exciting when we opened the bag. =) My gown looks perfectly beautiful! I thank Heritage and everyone who worked on it. Your professionalism, kindness, and gentle care of my gown are so appreciated. I did, and will, follow your instructions for storage and viewing (with gloves!). The ladies in our family will be very impressed! If the occasion arises, I will most certainly recommend your company. Thank you again.

  12. Laura

    I took my vintage, lace wedding gown to Heritage Garment Preservation to be cleaned and restored for the future. In a matter of minutes after filling out an initial inquiry form online, I received a call. Throughout the whole process, Heritage Garment was very responsive and they were even willing to meet me on a weekend day so that I could drop my dress off with them. They are quite knowledgeable and I had no concerns trusting them with my vintage dress. All my questions were answered and I want kept up to date on the status of my dress throughout the restoration process. My dress came back in wonderful condition and I’m so happy to be able to pass it on to a family member in the future. I would highly recommend trusting Heritage Garment with your dress!

  13. Cindy

    My husband and I are renewing our vows on our 25th Wedding Anniversary which is next summer. I decided that it would be nice to wear my original wedding dress for the renewal with a few alterations to modernize it. After years of incorrectly storing my dress in a brown cardboard box wrapped in cellophane, I was dismayed to find that it had many yellow and brown stains. After looking at the Heritage Garment Preservation website and reading the reviews I decided to send my dress all the way from Canada to California in the hopes that they could restore my dress to white again. I just received it back today and I am overjoyed at how good it looks. All the stains are gone and it looks like new again. Thank you to everyone who worked on it. You truly did a fantastic job!!!

  14. Cate

    This company provided very personalized service. You can schedule your services online, and you can talk to someone at the shop who will step you through the entire process. They provide updates on the status of your gown preservation through email, which was very helpful. When the gown arrived at my home, it was beautifully presented in its box, wrapped in linen, and they even provide a pair of white gloves for you to use when handling the gown! I highly recommend Heritage Garment Preservation to take care of your wedding gown.

  15. Leslie Kennedy

    We received the gown yesterday and it is so beautifully preserved. I am
    so impressed with your attention to detail and the way the dress is
    encased in muslin wrapping.

    Thank you so much for taking such care!

  16. Elise

    Beautiful job….gown looks brand new again! We loved the updates on their progress with the preservation. Fabulous cloth bag covering the gown, personalized, so cool.

  17. Leslie

    I would recommend Heritage Garment for wedding dress cleaning and/or preservation! They were so friendly, easy to work with and made me feel like my dress was in good hands. I did a lot of research before and am really pleased with Heritage!

  18. Jessica

    Jessica said…
    Words can’t express adequately what a wonderful job Heritage Garment Preservation did and how easy they were to work with. I was not the bride that took care of her dress (GASP). I had placed it in a box and meant to get it dry cleaned after our outdoor lake wedding, but forgot. Two years later, I found it and wore it out for Halloween as a “run away bride.” Needless to say, the bottom was disgusting and there were some stains. I had gone to several local dry cleaners for them to either quote a ridiculous amount (over $700) or not be able to do it. Through the internet, I found this site. After reading the reviews, I filled out the paperwork and sent it out to be evaluated. They called the day they got it and gave great advice on what would be best. I was updated throughout the process. Never once did I feel pressured to do anything that I didn’t agree with and they were so friendly and nice over the phone. I just got my dressed cleaned with some repair on beading. When my dress arrived to my house it was MORE BEAUTIFUL than the day I wore it. I would recommend this company to ANY BRIDE or anyone who had an article of clothing that they wanted clean or preserved. It is worth the money and you will be so happy afterwards.

  19. Kaleigh

    Heritage Gown exceeded our expectations. My grandmother’s dress is over 50 years old and had a big oxidized stain on the front. Not only did they restore the dress to a beautiful white color they got most of the stain out. You can’t even tell the dress is over 50 years old! The dress came back to use beautifully packaged as well. They were such a pleasure to work with. Very personable and kept a line of communication open throughout the entire process! I highly recommend them and will use them again in a heartbeat! Thank y’all for your hard work! The dress is beautiful!

  20. Peggy Connor

    I must say the preservation of my wedding gown was superb, thank you so much!

  21. Kathleen M.

    “I would highly recommend using Heritage. They are true professionals and their quality of work is top notch! I have to admit, I was very skeptical shipping my daughter’s wedding dress from NJ to CA, however I am so happy I did – what a GREAT job they did! Absolutely no issues at all — I Highly Recommend using Heritage Garment Preservation! “

  22. Knottie0233451

    I recently found my Mother’s wedding gown from the 1940’s. It was rolled up in a trash sack and had been for years! I found Heritage Garment Preservation online and decided to give it a try. It was well worth it! The handmade velvet gown was restored beautifully. I know they had to have given it very personalized care and painstaking care. I was nervous about shipping it so far, but all worked out fine. The ladies working there were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I’m so glad I decided to trust them with this one of a kind dress! Thank you!

  23. Knottie48315830

    I sent a 67 year old wedding gown, dusty, yellowed and with fabric holes from disintegration, for restoration. Truthfully, I was not hoping for much. The gown had been originally worn by my mother, then I had worn it 26 years later and hung it in a closet with no more than a cleaning, thinking my daughter might wear it someday. Alas, no daughters were born to me, but I do have a 7 year old granddaughter who might choose one day to wear this gown, because the option has been preserved. Thank you, Heritage, for your many suggestions for repair and restoration. I am amazed that such restoration is even possible.

  24. Joan

    Your process is excellent. The communication was very helpful. The dress packing addresses every detail. We were so impressed.

  25. Suzanne

    My wedding gown is perfect thanks to Heritage. I fell in love with my mother’s wedding dress, I loved the lace, detailed bead work, and most importantly the long train. There was one problem with the dress, after 30 years it was ivory instead of its original white. After our first phone conversation I was confident heritage would be able to restore my gown, I learned from their perspective a 30 year old gown is a relatively new one. Wow! I was not disappointed. My dress was restored to its original white, and I saved thousands by not purchasing a new dress that would be similar but not quite as beautiful…or sentimental. And they expedited my order due to my tight deadline. I only had two months to prepare for my wedding and if everyone was as quick as Heritage I would’ve only needed two weeks. I’m impressed, I love my dress, and I can’t wait to hear all the compliments. Thank you!

  26. Joelle

    Heritage did a fast, beautiful restoration on my
    mother’s 1963 satin wedding gown. It had received water
    damage in a flood and had molding and yellowing throughout.
    It looks like new now! Thank you!

  27. Patti

    My daughter wanted to wear my wedding dress—I took it to Heritage Garments to see if that was possible—the dress was 37 years old and had been in a box for those years. They not only restored it to its original color—but because the dress didn’t quite fit my daughter in the back–they altered it—they took out the zipper and added criss cross ties—it was beautiful—in fact the dress looked better than when I wore it. We had many compliments on the dress by the wedding guests especially when they found out it was my dress. I would highly recommend this business to anyone—they do beautiful work!!!!!!

  28. Mandy E.

    Heritage did a beautiful job restoring and altering my mother’s gown from the 1950’s for my daughter-in-law to wear. It was a pleasure doing business with Heritage Garment Preservation and I would highly recommend their services.

  29. Gabi

    I received my dress on Wednesday and tried it on as soon as I got home. I absolutely love it! You really did a wonderful job on the alteration and cleaning. I can’t thank you enough and I know my mother is going to be thrilled when she sees it all fixed up!

    Thanks again,

  30. Susan

    I called Heritage Garment Preservation after contacting numerous companies in San Francisco and Marin about preserving my daughter’s dress eight years after her wedding. I was thoroughly impressed with the time that one of the owners spent with me on the telephone and decided I would make the one hour drive to their shop.

    Every detail of the procedure was carefully described to me and I felt confident leaving the dress. I got an email every time they got to the next step in the process. I appreciated the time that was taken to keep me up to date.

    I knew there would be additional charges because there was some mold on the underside, as well as a few holes in the tulle which needed to be repaired. The wedding was outdoors and the dress did get dirty. I felt they did a beautiful job fixing these issues. I also felt they were not trying to overcharge me.

    Heritage Garment Preservation takes a great deal of pride in their work and it shows! I just picked up the dress and cannot wait for my daughter to see what an incredible job that was done. The dress is so clean and looks brand new! It is on a hanger and covered well. It comes with white cotton gloves so that when we open the covering we won’t hurt the dress in any way.

    I highly recommend this company. You won’t be disappointed.

  31. Desirae S.

    After much research and even more hesitation, I boxed up my wedding gown and shipped it off to Heritage Garment Preservation. They made the process easy and even offered a three-month payment arrangement for their services. I just received my dress back in the mail a few days ago. Lovely, just lovely. My dress looks amazing. Believe me when I say you should put your trust in this company, they know what they’re doing when it comes to your most prized (garment) possession.

  32. Denise W.

    Let me tell you what, I did quite a bit of research trying to find the best place to clean and preserve my wedding dress. Heritage was the only place that I found that preserved dresses like museums would preserve Victorian gowns. I was very pleased with their customer service. I had an address change during the process of preserving my dress, and they handled the change in shipping information very well. When I received my dress, I was almost in tears. I was so happy with my results. My dress looked brand-new again! My hemline had quite a bit of staining from walking on asphalt for pictures downtown, but there is no evidence of any of it! They even included an acid-free insert to include a wedding photo and your love story! What a lovely touch. I highly recommend using Heritage for cleaning and preserving your gown! You will not regret it! Money well spent!

  33. Haley S.

    I sent my grandmother’s 50 year old wedding gown to be restored, it was yellow all over and stained in a few places, she had previously had it dry cleaned but nothing would ever come out. They did a fantastic job and got it back to perfectly white all over!! Customer service was wonderful and I was ecstatic at the results!!!

  34. Jessica D.

    I stressed over what to do with my dress after the wedding, but they made it so easy. Very professional and easy to work with.

  35. Susan And Robert

    Heritage Gown recently repaired and restored my grandmother’s 1905 wedding dress. It took awhile to do, but the wait was worth it! The gown turned out beautifully. Thank you all for your care and expertise in this service. I truly appreciate all the hours of delicate labor put into this family heirloom.

  36. Anonymous

    Heritage Garment Preservation restored my mother’s wedding dress that had been stored in a trunk for 60 years. It was a very delicate lace dress with lots of accessories and Heritage Garment carefully restored it to it’s former loveliness. They took so much care with it and packed it up so beautifully that I’m sure it will last another 60 years! Thank you Heritage Garment!

  37. Haley S.

    I sent my grandmother’s 50 year old wedding gown to be restored, it was yellow all over and stained in a few places, she had previously had it dry cleaned but nothing would ever come out. They did a fantastic job and got it back to perfectly white all over!! Customer service was wonderful and I was ecstatic at the results!!!

  38. Carla Lovorn

    “But it’s too yellow,” I said. My granddaughter thought it looked “vintage.” As soon as she left, I got on the computer trying to find someone who could restore the wedding dress my mother had made in 1967. Heritage was the first website I searched on and, after all the positive reviews, I still wasn’t sure. Until Jenny called to see if she could answer any questions. We had a wonderful conversation and afterwards I had no reservations about sending my dress from Tennessee to California. When my dress came back, it was white again. I was impressed that there was no odor at all. I have recommended Heritage to my daughters and will use them again when the need arises.

  39. Carla Lovorn

    “But it’s too yellow,” I said. My granddaughter thought it looked “vintage.” As soon as she left, I got on the computer trying to find someone who could restore the wedding dress my mother had made in 1967. Heritage was the first website I searched on and, after all the positive reviews, I still wasn’t sure. Until Jenny called to see if she could answer any questions. We had a wonderful conversation and afterwards I had no reservations about sending my dress from Tennessee to California. When my dress came back, it was white again. I was impressed that there was no odor at all. I have recommended Heritage to my daughters and will use them again when the need arises.

  40. HappyMom

    After 19 years, I had given up hope on the repair of my badly stained wedding gown. With two daughters (18 and 8 years old), I had dreamed of them having the option of wearing the silk gown that I designed with my mother and was custom-made just for me. Heritage Garment Preservation made my dream come true. They meticulously cleaned and repaired my gown, trains and veil and the results are amazing. My daughter were speechless when I unwrapped the gown which was packaged and shipped to me with great care. In addition to the exceptional result, the customer service and consultation was top notch. I could not be happier. Priceless.

  41. Barbara F

    My gown looks like I bought it yesterday! Thank you for doing the most amazing job on it. It’s 45 years old! I cannot believe it! This gown can be worn again beautifully! I cried when I opened it , Thank you, thank you, thank you! Gob bless you all!

  42. Kim Stevens

    My Daughter wanted to wear her Grandma’s 54 year old wedding dress. I researched if it was even possible and found Heritage Garment Preservation. The dress is absolutely stunning! It looks just like the pictures of when my Mom wore it! Thank you so much Heritage!

  43. Miranda

    We absolutely loved the work Heritage Garment Preservation did on my wedding dress! I am using my grandmother’s 54 year-old wedding dress and they restored it from a yellowing, aged wedding dress, back to its original condition! They completed the dress in a very timely manner. We highly recommend this place to anyone looking to preserve their wedding dress!

  44. Pat Parmer

    I was like a kid at Christmas opening the FedEx box this morning! The tears flowed! Amazing! I couldn’t believe the stains and water marks (it rained April 7, 1957) were completely gone! I am so thankful for Heritage Gown Preservation and their excellent quality work. Initially, I was skeptical but Ellie was very reassuring and gave personal attention to my concerns. The office staff kept me informed by email as to the cleaning process. My gown will continue to be treasured. I recommend Heritage to anyone needing this service. Thank you very much!

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