A Wedding Dress Story

By Samantha Fong

I wore this wedding dress for my wedding last August (2012). I had originally decided on a different gown when I went shopping with my sister. However, I knew I needed to go on at least one wedding dress shopping trip with my Mom so I drove from MA, where I live, to NYC, where my family is to go dress “browsing”. Being in NYC, we had to stop by Kleinfeld’s just to see what all the fuss was about. I actually had a great experience and we ended up being in some background shots on the episode of SYTTD that Johnny Weir was on.

I was planning on purchasing my wedding gown myself and started off by trying on things only within my price range. However, my Mom was insisting I try on this Peter Langner Puccini wedding gown she saw. This gown was gorgeous but I was hesitant to try it on since it was  way out of my price range. Of course I tried it on and loved it but was annoyed that my Mom insisted I try on a gown I knew I couldn’t afford. She then surprised me by saying she would purchase the gown for me as my wedding present! It was a great surprise! Also, there just happened to be a trunk sale that day, so we got a discount on it as well.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Heritage Garment Preservation is giving expert wedding dress cleaning and museum quality wedding dress preservation to Samantha’s beautiful wedding gown. Her lovely gown will be a treasure to herself and her family throughout her life.
Samantha in designer wedding dress with groom againSamantha in designer wedding dress and groom

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