I just stumbled onto a great blog post about how to save money.   The title says it all: Finance Tips from a Shopaholic: 10 Steps to Save $ on a Recent Grad’s Budget

It was Written by a recent college graduate who suddenly discovered that she had no concept of what money really was.  She did not know how to save money, only spend it.  During her college years she spent money whenever she thought she “needed” something.  Only to discover later that most of what she “needed” was now out of style.

We’ve all been there.  Whether you are a newlywed, recent grad, or been running a household for years, we know just how easy it is to spend money.  But to get ahead in today’s world you’ve got to figure out how to save money.  The blog post has great suggestions.  I may tweak her suggestions a bit…

How To Save Money

1. Open a savings account.  Make a goal of what you will do with your savings.  It will be easier to save if you have something in mind you really want to accomplish.

2. Learn how to grocery shop more effectively Hint, it starts with avoidance.

3. When you get paid, put as much in your savings account as you can.  (10% is a good place to start)

4. Limit your activities after work and on the weekends.  

5. Ask yourself: Is there really a point to going out tonight?

6. Keep lists of what you need and what you want.  Shop when you have a list of items – and go to the best place to get those items. Your neighborhood grocer is not likely the best place to stock up on toiletries.

7. Ask yourself: Do I really need that?  Be sure you identify if it is a need or a want.  Limit your purchases to needs.

8. Try spending your money on experiences rather than material items.  Save your money for special vacations that you will never forget, while you will very likely forget a new shirt.

9. Do not buy something simply because it is cheap.  I am guilty of this one – Just because it’s on sale and a great buy does not mean that you need it.  Ask again – do you need it?

10. Learn this: You are not missing out on anything:  Remember there is always plenty of opportunities to shop.  But you will feel great with what you have saved and accomplished.

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