A Wedding gown story by Kate W.

It was love at first sight. I am originally from Michigan, but now live in New York City. I knew that I would buy my gown in New York because of all of the amazing options and bridal salons. So, I gathered up a group of my friends and we went to what felt like every bridal salon in the city–including Kleinfeld’s. Despite our exhaustive search, I did not “say yes to the dress,” and continued the hunt with my mom when she would come to visit. Still nothing.

Then, a very close friend came to visit from Chicago and begged me to go with her because she had never gone dress shopping before. I was fully prepared to go through the motions and then hurry off to brunch. However, as soon as the consultant at the Bridal Atelier brought out the Tara Keely dress, I was in love. While there were no tears from me (my friend handled that), I knew that this was the gown that would stop my future husband in his tracks (and make me feel pretty good too).

As you can see from the pictures, it is rather full at the bottom so the most stressful part of the process was actually trying to figure out how to get it home to the wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I watched in horror as the TSA agent shoved it through the x-ray machine. Then, the airline said that we were flying on a smaller plane so there was no closet for my dress. A few tears later, the pilot actually volunteered to fly with his own luggage in the cockpit so that I could get the dress home. Nonetheless, the dress made it to Ann Arbor for a beautiful wedding on the campus of the University of Michigan (my alma mater).

And, well, I was right it made my husband cry as soon as he saw me and I felt truly beautiful.

Kate’s Wedding Dress Preservation

We love every wedding dress we clean. Kate’s gown was no exception. The beautiful, full skirt with “horsehair” braid trim was fun and unusual. Although the hemline was quite dirty, we were able to clean it thoroughly and it truly looked pristine again after cleaning. Kate selected Heritage Box™ preservation and Heritage Select™ service package.

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