We had the opportunity of wet cleaning and preserving this beautiful silk taffeta wedding gown designed by Angelina Faccenda. The wedding dress was a very simple style, strapless with bridal buttons that went all the way down the back of the gown.

There were some challenges with this wedding gown including perspiration stains on both underarms, make up/perspiration on edge of bodice and oxidized stains in several parts of skirt. The hemline was very dirty with water marks. Dirt was also on the bustled area on back. Even the buttons were dirty.

Wet Cleaning Necessary

The stains had been there a while and had oxidized (turned brown). We usually dry clean silk taffeta but, because of the extent of the stains,

Wedding gown after Wet Cleaning

Wedding gown after wet Cleaning

we determined that wet cleaning would be necessary. There are risks to wet cleaning silk taffeta, which we tried to minimize with using extra care.

Wedding Gown Cleaning Successful

We proceeded with our wedding gown cleaning carefully – but did use a very intensive cleaning treatment because of the stains. Not all of the stains were completely removed, but most were gone or very, very faint. We very happy with the results. Our wedding gown cleaning was as extensive as possible without risking damaging the fabric.

Custom Wedding Gown From Mothers Wedding Dress
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