I am so happy! My soul mate has proposed and we will officially become best friends forever this June. We called numerous friends and family members to announce our good news. Our loved ones were overwhelmed with the good news!

It really is exciting…picking a venue, tastings, choosing flowers: these are all wonderful things… just so many decisions! One of the biggest decisions: the dress.I found a lot of inspiration on some of the wedding boards on pinterest…skirts I like, sleeves I like, etc.  Fortunately, I just so happen to know a fabulous dressmaker (my mom and co-owner of HGP) who will be customizing my dream gown! It is going to be beautiful!

Love the skirt on this dressThe women of HGP definitely know dresses. Upon learning of my engagement, Carmina, one of the other owners hand selected various materials, designs, and fabrics to explore in the creative process. The whole team provided education on benefits of various materials and explained the care and process for my gown after the wedding.

Knowing that my gown will receive individualized care and a customized treatment plan helped me feel confident that this precious dress, created by my mother, can be cared for and preserved to be passed down to my daughters and kept as a family heirloom.

What a relief! It was so comforting to know that after the wedding, my gown will receive individualized attention, spot treated, with hand care. No mass cleaning for me! Not only will my gown be cleaned,  I will also get it preserved. I want to protect my dress from oxidized stains and discoloration so that it will look just as good after the wedding as it did before.

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