By Hillary’s Mom


The wedding was on August 22nd at our local country club. The ceremony was on a deck overlooking the lake and the reception followed inside.  The theme was country elegant and believe it or not, Hillary wore cowboy boots under that beautiful dress! The weather was perfect for them– it was mid-70s and sunny.

Back to the basics-– the dress was purchased in Indianapolis, Indiana where our first day out trying on dresses appeared to be the last. We had been to appointments that day at three different boutiques with our last appointment at The Bridal Store/Posie Patch.  We were there for a few hours and started winding down, ready to walk out and call it a day…  With only a few maybes in our minds, we passed the clearance aisle where the dress was displayed on a mannequin.  It caught my daughter’s eye and she instantly fell in love with it and tried it on. It fit like a glove! And that was it– we took it home with us that day.

The dress is pretty special to us as both the bride and the day were spectacular.

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Thanks so much for sharing your family’s amazing experience with us!

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