Does your wedding dress smell?You’ve smelled it before. You picked up your dry-cleaning and noticed that “dry-clean smell.” You may assume that is normal, but you certainly don’t want to find that aroma on any of your clothes, but especially your wedding gown. Is it possible to find a cleaner who can prevent that? It is.

For best results, find a dry-cleaner who uses virgin solvent for cleaning wedding gowns. Because of ecological regulations and expense, solvents are recycled.   All dry cleaning machines will filter out much of dirt and soaps from load to load. Impurities  that are not filtered out of used solvent can be re-deposited onto garments.  These re-deposited substances as well as bacteria growth account for the “dry cleaning smell.”

For really clean solvent, without any dirt, bacteria or soaps, the solvent must be distilled. Many dry cleaners will distill their solvent once a week.  However, some newer models of dry cleaning machines actually distill the solvent with every batch,  which is a big improvement.

A good dry-cleaner will use virgin solvent on all wedding dresses, which may mean he cannot clean a wedding dress every day.  It all depends on his equipment.

So, insist on virgin solvent for your wedding gown dry-cleaning or have your gown professionally wet process cleaned.  Heritage Garment Preservation will either hand clean your wedding gown with a wet process or dry clean your wedding gown in virgin solvent. Get an instant quote for your wedding gown care. Our customers wedding gowns will never smell!

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