Many brides do not plan beyond their wedding day what they will do with their wedding dress.  All the trips to bridal shops, all the trying-ons, the comparing, the consulting, the researching, the altering and the adoring of their precious wedding gown comes to a momentary hold after changing into their “I’m-going-away-to-my-honeymoon” attire.

She may have changed in the room of the hotel where the reception was held, or in her own room at her parent’s place, leaving maid of honor, mom or someone else to pack and take care of her gown. After the honeymoon is over, she may ask “Where is my dress?” and relax knowing that “Mom has it”.

MothersCloset Life of a newlywed not only comes with predictable levels of stress, but often with many little details that no one expected. Things need to be put in order of priority, and there may be little room for the care of a dress that “can wait”.

Soon enough, she realizes that time has passed by and her dress is still waiting to be cleaned.
On the next family trip, she will look for that dress.

One bride found out that a year or two of unattended stains can do this to your treasured dress:
Sugar, dyes, make-up, perspiration, grease, and even “invisible” stains, write their stories on canvas of satin, tulle and lace. They may bring wonderful memories to the bride and help her remember how they got there, but they need to be removed and she will need experts to do it.

We received this dress just two years after the wedding. Our special hand cleaning – wet process took care of those stains and now, the dress looks like new.

So, do not panic if you find your dress at the bottom of your mother’s closet, covered with mementos from your wedding. There is hope.

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