by Danica

My gown is a Casablanca Bridal, and I purchased it at Arielle Bridal in Malvern, PA. I knew exactly what I was looking for from the beginning. I wanted a beaded bodice, and a flowy, romantic, and elegant train. I tried on dozens of gowns that were almost what I was looking for, but not exactly. When I found this gown in the shop… the beading, the material, and the color of it — It seemed like it could be MY gown. When I finally tried it on, it zipped right up — perfect fit! It was so surreal– I couldn’t find anything I did not like about the gown. But, I had an appointment at another bridal salon right afterwards, so we left the gown and went to the next appointment. When I walked in, the first dress I saw in the shop was the same one I had just tried on! So I brought it into the fitting room with me and hung it up. With each gown I tried on, my eyes kept coming back to that gownmy gown. We got back into the car after that appointment and I looked at my mother and said, “Mom, we have to go back to Arielle.” So we did.

photo by Jenny Castro

The whole experience was very surreal. I’m not a decisive person, by any means. I like to consider all of my options. But on my wedding day, that dress just felt like me. I could not have found anything more perfect to wear on the day I married Robert.

Wedding dress preservation for Danica

Photos by Jenny

Thanks for sharing your story, Danica! How lucky you are to know exactly what you wanted right from the beginning. 
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