The experts at Heritage Garment Preservation are not the kind of people to shudder at an old, stained dress. But when Erica’s gown arrived in the condition it was in, it was enough for them to raise their eyebrows at least– it wasn’t the typical mild case of a deodorant-stained wedding dress.
An already antique gown, this wedding dress had lived its life many times over before Erica chose it as her “perfect dress.” From the beautiful beadwork on the waistband to the unique long-sleeves with buttoned cuffs, this dress proves to be one of a kind in any era. What’s not one of a kind, unfortunately, are the effects of time! The dress had become very yellowed; the beads were tarnished and had started to accumulate mold; grease stains covered the hemline, train, and back; and the buttons had started to rust. Was there hope for Erica’s dress?
As part of the Heritage Couture package, Erica’s wedding dress restoration included hand treatment that overcame the effects of time. Erica was informed at every step of the process and could see her dress come back to life. The silk buttons, rusted beyond use, were replaced at no charge as part of the package; the silk was able to be rid of the challenging grease marks without losing its sheen; the beads were polished and as shiny as ever.

While the experts at HGP aren’t exactly wizards (“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”), they were able to grant Erica’s wish and restore her dress to as good as new.


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