In August of 2014 I had an amazing opportunity of visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and seeing a fabulous museum wedding dress exhibit. The exhibit will be on display through March of 2015. I also was able to interview Edwina Ehrman, the curator of the exhibit, along with Keira Miller, a textile conservationist and record the interview during my visit.

Wedding Dress History on Exhibit

The wedding dresses were spectacular. Imagine 79 wedding dresses ranging from 1775 to 2014, all in one exhibit. All of the wedding dresses were unique. From wide side hoop gowns from the late 1700’s, to colored printed gowns of the more practical 1800’s. There is also a purple wedding gown from a bride who married at 35 and felt she was too old to wear white! I loved the 1920 style flapper gowns, war bride gowns, along with the more modern era wedding gowns that were gorgeous and glamorous.

Museum Wedding Dress Exhibit Interview

I was thrilled to interview the curator and conservationist, and ask my own questions about…

So take a few minutes and watch the interview on videos and learn more about wedding dress history and museum wedding dress storage and exhibits. And if you are in London, be sure to stop by the Victoria and Albert Museum before March!

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