A Wedding Dress Story by June Wood

My wedding dress, with silk organza, was purchased in 1963 from a lovely store called Rusan’s in downtown Spokane, Washington.  I believe it was the second wedding dress I tried on, and I felt it was perfect for me.  My dear mother, who was with me, thought so too.

I was the only one to wear my gown.  Our daughter (we also have three sons), married 19 years now, purchased her own wedding dress.  At that time, however, I thought I would replace the veil for my headpiece/tiara with a lovely new one, which I did.

My husband, Stearns, and I were married at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in the Spokane Valley, and we feel very blessed to have celebrated our 50 years together on January 4th of this year.  All of our family got together on our behalf for dinner and photographs—the greatest gift we could ask for.  =)

June married her sweetheart while wearing a silk organza dress.

June married her sweetheart.

Getting My Wedding Dress Preserved

We were honored to preserve June's wedding dress.

We were honored to preserve June’s wedding dress.

After searching the web and viewing everything on the wonderful site, it was easy to choose Heritage Garment to restore and preserve my wedding gown, and I appreciate all the contact that has gone on between us throughout this process.

Now June and Stearns can look at the dress whenever they wish, without worrying about it becoming yellow.

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