Featured for Clean Vintage Wedding Gowns

We recently had the opportunity to clean a wedding dress that was featured as part of a marketing tool to promote bridal and formal wear for The Archive. The dress was also used as a study in cleaning, treatment and preservation of bridal gowns. Our customer, Colleen Zapata received her MA in Museum Studies with an emphasis in women’s costume. This led her to develop the women’s vintage clothing company, which is based out of San Antonio.

Collecting Vintage Wedding Gowns and Other Clothing

The Archive is for those interested in collecting and wearing vintage clothing but at its essence it’s about the woman who goes ‘beyond fashion’, who looks to the past for inspiration when choosing her wardrobe. Spanning the decades, pieces in the collection encourage women to reveal their intrinsic tastes and fashion sensibilities. With special emphasis on fashion history, The Archive supplies curated attire to private collectors and retail shops. Their inventory offers customers new buying experiences with tried and true staples for any vintage wardrobe. The time worn garments and accessories in the inventory are ​cleaned and stored with attention given to their preservation.

Collen Zapata’s hope is to provide brides with a visual example of how to re-purpose gently worn vintage wedding gowns into wearable pieces that are comparable with current fashion trends.

The photography was shot by Lindsey Guerrero of Focused Linds Photography on location at San Antonio’s Villa Finale, a site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

We are glad to have had the opportunity to use our Museum Method for the wedding dress presentation.

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