Grandma’s Wedding Gown

Martha wanted her mother’s 1951 satin wedding gown and Brussels lace veil to look perfect! Martha’s daughter was going to be the third daughter to wear the dress for her wedding. And who could blame her for wanting to do so? The pleats on the front skirt and netting edge on the collar gives this gown a very Audrey Hepburn-like quality.

A Wedding Gown Cleaning

When we had received the gown, it had yellowed evenly throughout the whole dress. There were also stains on the train that were consistent with oxidation and possibly mold. The veil had also evenly yellowed.

To treat this dress, we soaked it in our safe whitening chemicals. We also soaked the veil in the chemicals.

The yellowed wedding gown turned ivory again.

The yellowed wedding gown turned ivory again.

Finally, Pat's Wedding Dress is Clean
A Photo and a Wedding Gown Preservation