A Beautiful Wedding Dress

Pat’s Amsale wedding dress is beautiful! With a bodice covered in beads and a veil with scalloped edges with beads and crystals, the dress is gorgeous!

The gown and veil had previously been dry cleaned. There were oxidized stains on many parts of the skirt and the hemline had residual stains. The wedding dress also looked like it had been a bit stretched.

A Wedding Dress Cleaning

To treat the dress, we first tested the fabric and stains to see if it could be spot treated. We then soaked it in safe chemicals that removed the stains. We hand cleaned the gown and spot cleaned the veil before hand pressing each. Finally, we preserved the wedding dress using the Heritage Box preservation.

Pat no longer needs to worry if her cleaned gown will stay perfect. It will!

The yellow stains were able to get out.

We removed the yellow stains.

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