While recently perusing Pinterest, I saw the most amazing bouquet! In lieu of flowers, the bride had compiled a variety of brooches and wrapped as a bouquet. The effect was stunning! Since this, it seems that brooch bouquets are popping up everywhere! They vary between simple to flashy. Some are all brooches and others an assortment with live flowers.

Purchasing a brooch bouquet can be costly! However, they provide a fun twist on a tradition and according to Pinterest, you can do it yourself! Brooches can be collected from vintage stores, thrift shops, or even garage sales. Depending on your wedding timeline, this could be an ongoing project or an all-night “party!”

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important accessories a bride will have. The bouquet even has it’s own moment! Having a unique and creative bouquet can bring an extra element of personal style to your special day.

Not to bring it up again… but Pinterest is amazing! Okay. I will likely bring it up again and again. I am constantly blown away by the innovation of pinners. Search the boards for “unique bouquet” and see what pops up: pearls, feathers, ribbons, lace, buttons, craft flowers and much much more are artistically woven together to form a beautiful and original bouquet for the bride to carry down the isle.

An added benefit is that a brooch, ribbon, lace, or whatever “unique bouquet” that you create will last a lot longer than fresh flowers. A bride will spend months or even years preparing for her special day and most of the work will be gone with the night.

Whatever your bouquet is made of, Heritage Garment Preservation  can reserve it in our bouquet preservation box.

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