We recently finished this beautiful restoration for Cindy D. She hired us to restore her mother’s wedding dress as a surprise Christmas gift for her mother. The dress had been hand made by someone in the family, although no one can remember who it was. Nevertheless, the dress is very sentimental.

The fabric is a dotted swiss fabric, popular at the time, but difficult to work with as the dots can come off the fabric during cleaning. Cindy’s mother cleaned it herself shortly after the wedding and thought she had ruined it. She had stored it stuffed into a bag for 65 years. Cindy rescued it and sent it to us to restore it for a wonderful Christmas surprise.

BeforeAfterPWe had some surprises ourselves. During cleaning we discovered there were four different types of buttons on the gown. Unfortunately most of the buttons did not hold up during the cleaning process. However, we decided not to replace them as Cindy preferred to keep the gown as authentic to the original as possible.

We hope that Cindy and her mother will be thrilled as well. It will be a very merry Christmas for this mother.

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