Some thoughts on eloping: think about who it might affect. Would it be helpful to talk to certain family members or friends prior to eloping?

One of my co-workers eloped last year. The day before they left for  their wedding, the couple sat their families down and discussed the reasons for eloping and asked for the families’ support. Parents were understanding and hurt. After consulting with the moms, the bride agreed to have a casual celebratory party several weeks after they were married.

Still, others may opt for the surprise of the elopement!  Understand that people may be hurt. I know several people who have had close family members elope and were not informed until after the fact. Most were sad and angry. This is understandable. We want to share excitement and hope with our loved ones. By recognizing others’ experience and validating their hurt and concern, you can still maintain your ground and discuss how this is the decision that you have made as a couple. Often by discussing the decision beforehand, family members can feel included.

At the end of the day, it is the decision of the couple (and whoever is helping pay)! Whether you party small, party big, or keep it simple, try to take in the sanctity of this special day and event.

Time will pass by. But when you looked at your wedding dress, it will give you the same exciting feeling you have the first time you wear it so be sure to have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved. If everything is planned, there will never be any regrets after!

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