By Talley Philpy

My story is a little different; I had a not-so-great experience shopping for a wedding gown at a storefront, so I decided to buy my bridal ensemble off of eBay. I bought the gown from a consignor, so I don’t know the original owner but believe the gown dates back to the early 1990s.

I also bought my wedding veil of princess lace on eBay from a lace collector. The veil is from Bergdorf Goodman. The seller didn’t know its age but estimated that it’s about 50-60 years old.

So, these items are not family heirlooms that I inherited, but they will be family heirlooms when I hopefully pass them on to my future daughter!

Talley Philpy's vintage wedding dress preservation is not family heirloom but will be in the future.

Talley Philpy’s vintage wedding dress preservation is not family heirloom but will be in the future.


Talley’s Wedding Dress Preservation

Talley sent her Avine Perucci vintage wedding dress of antique silk to us in 2015 for a restoration treatment before her wedding. After her wedding she sent it back to us for cleaning and preservation.  When we received it, the gown was in pretty good condition but had a mildly dirty hemline. The veil was in good condition but had metal wire edges that required special care. Spot cleaning was used on the veil to prevent the wire from rusting.

Both gown and veil were pressed and preserved after careful cleaning. Talley chose Museum Method™ wedding dress preservation for her gown. She will be able to inspect and admire it any time she would like. And her future children will be able to also.

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