We recently performed a wedding gown restoration for this beautiful shantung silk wedding gown, with removable train, and veil. The wedding dress had beautiful pearl and sequins on the neckline, waist area and hemline as well. It was worn in 1995, so it was not very old, but was in desperate need of restoration. The wedding dress was evenly yellowed but had large oxidized stains on the front and on the sleeves. Some of the pearls were damaged and the veil had some rust on the head piece frame.

Wedding Gown Restoration

Our wedding dress restoration process included hand cleaning and a chemical whitening soak. The veil was also hand cleaned and chemically whitened. After the wedding dress was restored with this treatment, the wedding gown and veil were hand pressed and preserved with Museum Method™ preservation.

Wedding Dress Restored

We did everything we could for this wedding gown restoration without risking the safety of the wedding dress. The results were good, if not perfect. The oxidized stain did not come 100% out but the overall results of the restoration were excellent and our customer was thrilled. She wanted her wedding dress restored so that it could be enjoyed by herself as well as her posterity.

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