It seems like this new year is already flying by! With all the details that brides need to plan for, it can feel overwhelming to realize that you haven’t picked out your wedding dress. But not to panic! We took a look at three wedding dress designers’ 2015 collection and gathered our favorites from our favorite trend: sheer fabric with lace.

Wedding Dress Trends


Why we love it: We love illusion shoulders! The sheer fabric allows the lace to create a beautiful cap sleeve. We love the contrast between the white lace and the different skin tones. It makes each look lovely.


Why we love it: Besides the obviously gorgeous intricate details on the bodice, this Maggie Sottero wedding dress has one of the most gorgeous illusion necklines we have ever seen; the fabric is so sheer the chest appears to have no fabric at all. The beautiful details on the shoulders look especially delicate since they appear to just be resting on the shoulder with no supporting fabric.


Why we love it: This Temperley Bridal wedding dress brings a whole lot of glamour in a small amount of space! The tea length wedding dress is draped with curvy, intricate stitching. The sheer fabric allows that stitching to really stand out as it contrasts with the skin.


Why we love it:This Reem Acra wedding dress screams fun!The sheer fabric gives the illusion that it is actually a skirt and a lacy shirt. The lace on top connects the whole piece by continuing both the skin motif and the white fabric motif.


Why we love it: This Maggie Sottero A-line is able to keep a flower motif that starts subtly in the bodice, moving throughout the entire gown. The sheer fabric allows the beautiful flowers on the arms to take the stage!


Why we love it: This Temperly Bridal dress uses sheer fabric in a very subtle way. The fabric keeps the lacy details of the chest in place, and gives the gown a perfect v-neck shape. As the hem of the bodice lines up to form an upside-down “V” shape, the chest’s V-neck cut gives a mirror-effect, completing the look.


Why we love it: This is straight up glamour! This Reem Acra gown has beautiful designs throughout the dress, and the sleeves are no exception! The sheer fabric on the shoulders is gorgeous. We especially love how the draped tulle on the arms brings the eye back to the sheer sleeves!


Why we love it: We are used to seeing wedding dresses with a similar neckline, so adding some sheer fabric adds a new twist. The fabric is so subtle  you almost forget that it provides a base for the curvy details along the edge between the chest and the dress.


Why we love it: This Temperley Bridal wedding dress has many intricate details, starting from the neck, to the ground. The sheer fabric breaks the dress into three different pieces (choker, chest, skirt) so that it can pull off a high neck, without looking like too much dress. We especially love the details on the chest; they serve as both dress and necklace.



Why we love it: We love the details on this Temperley Bridal gown. The sheer fabric serves two purposes here. First, it allows the audience and the groom to better see the lovely designs that are more subtle on the bodice. Second, because most wedding dresses don’t have as high a neckline. The sheer fabric allows for the gorgeous design to continue without looking old-fashioned.

All Wedding Dress Images Courtesy of The Knot

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