Day two of wedding weekend took us to a small and simple wedding in San Diego; my boyfriend’s step brother and his childhood sweetheart were married by the groom’s grandfather. Close friends and family members gathered in excitement as they watched these two young lovers vow to love and care for each other for the rest of their lives.
The wedding was every bit a fairy tale. The bride, blonde and slender, wore a beautiful and flowing lace gown. The groom, a marine, donned his blues. They had been waiting for this moment for years. As children they met through family friends and at age five the groom quickly declared his love and determination to marry his future bride.

Over the years they created memories and shared heartaches. Proms came and went, along with break-ups and makeups. The groom  eventually joined the marines and on break, was reunited with his childhood love. This time he made sure that she didn’t get away.

The slideshow streamed pictures from the couple’s early years, including the day that they met and the groom foretold of their future union.  Food was eaten, toasts were made, and the cake was cut… and smashed all over one another. The bride’s bright whites  and the groom’s uniform were soiled with multicolored frosting. In the aftermath, the bride and groom each expressed concern over ruining such an important garment.

Each piece is individually cared for  and hand treated, reducing oxidation spots and yellowing. After a proper and thorough cleaning, HGP carefully prepares the gown for wedding dress preservation, using only acid and lignin free materials. With these treatments, the bride and groom can each preserve their memories from this wonderful day.

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