Brides have a few options for preserving their bridal bouquets. They may send it away for professional freeze drying which can be quite pricey ($300-$600), or follow step by step directions for do-it-yourself preservation. Bouquets can be taken apart and each flower dried with silica gel, and then reassembled. You can purchase the silica gel along with the instructions at your nearest craft store.

BouquetBoxBlogThe simplest way to keep your bridal bouquet is to hang it upside down for several weeks until it is completely dry. However, your flowers will darken and the overall results are less than ideal, but it is very easy.

Our new bouquet box is ideal for safe and long term storage, whichever method of preservation you choose. It is made of 60 pt acid-free and lignin free tan archival board with metal corners for stability. It comes with 3 sheets of acid-free tissue to wrap and pad your bouquet in. Please store your preserved bouquet indoors, not in any damp area such as a basement, or attic where temperatures fluctuate.

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