Kim Hammond – A Wedding Dress Story

I was with my good friend and bridesmaid Karesha McGee shopping in SOMA,  San Francisco, California. I spotted my wedding dress in a store window.  It was love at first sight. But I thought it was out of my price range so I didn’t bother investigating.

KimHammondInstead, I tried to find the perfect dress on eBay for less. I purchased a vintage dress on eBay for $100. Everyone said it was pretty, but I should feel like a princess on my wedding day and this one didn’t quite do it for me.

So I tracked down the actual dress I spotted in the SOMA boutique at La Boutique Des BRIDES. As it turned out, it was in my price range. When I shared the photos with my Mom and friends, I got rave reviews and a unanimous, “That’s the ONE!”

My wedding dress is really special to me because it had the vintage feel I was after – I love the perfect tea-length cut it and the way it moved when I danced. But most importantly, the way I felt when Matt saw me in the dress for the first time is simply unforgettable.

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