A Wedding Dress Story
By Lauren W.

I loved my Angel Sanchez luxury gown as soon as I put it on at Mark Ingram Atelier in New York. I continued to shop around to make sure I was 100% on my decision but I could not get this particular gown out of my head. It had everything I was looking for: flattering on my figure, sleek and fitted with a dramatic flare and structural lines. I did my research and found the gown at another shop in the city. I inquired on their pricing and learned they were half of what I was quoted at Mark Ingram.

When it came time to bring Mom and my sisters to view my final choices, I naturally chose to bring them to the store that offered it for the lower pricing. When we arrived, the gown was not there – they had sent it out to be cleaned. Frantic that I wasn’t able to show my family this dress during their visit, I called Mark Ingram and they let us walk in without an appointment and try on the gown. I got everyone’s approval as it being the #1 choice after seeing me in five other gowns at different stores all over the city. I was set to buy it – the question was where?

The service at Mark Ingram was top notch so I felt they deserved the sale but couldn’t justify the pricing. When I confronted them on it and told them the competitor pricing, they explained their gown was made in an exclusive fabric different from the other store and part of a luxury line. I did my research and contacted the folks at the Angel Sanchez showroom (I had already visited them to try some of his other gowns) and they confirmed the two dresses sold at the two different stores were indeed different and it came down to the fabric.

Before I could make my final decision I had to try on the other dress that was almost half the price. When I did, I was so glad the store did not have it on hand when my family was there. The fabric and cut seemed much different and not as flattering at all due to the thicker, ribbed fabric. It didn’t have the soft satin look and feel the other gown did. Had I tried it on when I had everyone there not realizing it wasn’t the same dress I originally fell in love with, I would not have given it a second look and would have bought an entirely different Oscar de la Renta gown. It was almost fate steering me to buy the right gown.

Wedding Dress Preservation

I could not be happier with the service Heritage provided. I received my dress in the proper garment bag for Museum Method Preservation, perfectly clean and steamed wrinkle-free. I am considering selling my gown and feel good about the fact that it was handled with great care. I hope to have the chance to let someone else feel great wearing it on their special day as if it were brand new!

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