A Wedding dress story by Danielle Golding

I never grew up imagining what my wedding would be like, let alone any of the details, like my dress. I only started flushing out what I really liked and wanted after my husband proposed.
I saw myself in a white, all white, A-line/princess gown and my bridesmaids and decor would be in a sapphire blue.

Then I was looking through a “Here comes the Guide” magazine for location ideas and near the front was a full page ad for “St Pucchi”, by Rani. And there it was, a beautiful gown, a ball gown with scarlet details. I had visions of them making it for me with blue details, to match my wedding decor. I had to travel to Glendale to the Karoza Bridal salon to try it on, and we all realized there were no changes needed. The dress of my DREAMS was the one with red, it fit and looked the best of all the dresses I tried on that day.

Danielle’s Wedding Gown Preservation

Danielle was married on April 19, 2008 on board the Destiny, a yach out of Newport Beach Harbor in California. Her dress is made of embroidered tulle and Dupioni silk. Red thread cherry blossoms are embroidered on, along with read beads. The dress came to us slightly dirty with wrinkled tulle on the skirt.

We hand cleaned her gown layer by layer using spot and silk wet care. We also spot cleaned the veil and hand pressed the gown and veil. Museum Method wedding dress preservation was finally used so that she can look at her dress any time she would like!

Danielles wedding gown preservation
Danielles beautiful wedding dress

A wedding dress story for Danielle G
Bride and groom - Danielle G. wedding dress story

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