If you take the time to dig around in your local thrift store or your grandmother’s closet you’ll inevitably find some great vintage pieces. And while clothing goes in and out of style all the time, vintage is always in style. Dressing “vintage” is a catch-all way to say you didn’t just hit up the mall yesterday for today’s outfit — you’re brave enough to experiment with old clothing styles to create one of your own.

While some people pull off the vintage look seamlessly, it can be intimidating — how do you dress vintage without just looking out-of-style? Consider these 3 things and give vintage a try:

1. Why vintage?

Before you slap on your knee-high stockings and miniskirt, ask yourself WHY you want to dress vintage. Are there clothing styles or pieces from another era you genuinely like? If that’s the case, go for it. But if thrift stores gross you out and you can’t imagine wearing anything that wouldn’t be sold at Target, perhaps vintage isn’t for you. Don’t worry — you can still be a (modern) fashionista without pulling from vintage influences. If you’re ready to mix old with new and give vintage style a try, read on…

2. Old, meet new

The key to dressing vintage without looking out-of-style is to mix old with new. If you dress head-to-toe in 1920’s garb, people may think you’re heading to a Great Gatsby-themed costume party. But if you’re mixing a cute 1960’s sundress with the blazer you grabbed from J. Crew a few weeks ago, it could be the perfect combination of old and new. Opt for vintage statement pieces over an entire ensemble. Rock an 80’s blouse with shoulder pads while wearing a modern necklace and hairdo to make it your own unique style. If you’re mixing modern with vintage, the vintage pieces will still stand out — in a good way.

3. Frumpy vs. fitted

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Admittedly, some vintage styles can be rather… frumpy. But that’s where knowing how to mix modern with new can help! If you’re worried about a boxy or “frumpy” piece, pair it with something fitted to balance it out. Work your grandma’s shapeless dress by putting a belt around it to accent your waist. And no matter what, always go back to your reason for wearing vintage — you like it! If you feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to wear it.There’s probably something from every era that you’ll like… but there’s also things you don’t like. If something is just screaming “frumpy” to you, it may not be the vintage piece you want to put time into. You know your body and what looks good on you — let that guide what you wear.

So what do you think? Are you willing to find some awesome, well-loved pieces? Let us know if you’re already rockin’ vintage or if you’re willing to give it a try!

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