We have been working on a wedding gown restoration for the Winter’s family in Maine.  We haven’t determined whether it is white enough.  As you can see from the photo, it is a lovely soft off white.  We can probably push it a bit further to a brighter white if necessary.  I have found that many people who have their vintage gowns restored do not want to remove all of the patina of age.  They would still like it identifiable as “antique” or vintage, but remove distinct yellowing and oxidized spots.

This gown is a beautiful silk organza over acetate satin gown dating from the 1970’s.  Penny Winters is hoping her daughter can wear the gown for her upcoming wedding.  It was in very good condition so it was a perfect candidate for wedding dress restoration, although their were a number of oxidized yellow spots and general yellowing on the gown. It has restored beautifully.

Carmina also did a beautiful job cleaning and repairing the veil, although when repairing tulle, you cannot make the repairs invisible. Fortunately there are some appliques on the headpiece that could be used to cover the veil repairs. Click on the smaller pictures to see up close photos.

Winters Before wedding dress restoration Bodice

Winters gown before wedding gown restoration

wedding dress restoration

Winters gown after wedding gown restoration

Winters veil before restoration

Winters veil before restoration

Winters veil After wedding gown restoration

Winters veil after restoration

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