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Museum Method™ and Heritage Box™ Wedding Gown Preservation

Heritage Garment Preservation is quite unique in that we offer two different wedding gown preservation methods. One question we are often asked is “Which of our wedding dress preservation methods is better, Museum Method™ or Heritage Box™?” We always answer it the same way: We recommend Museum Method™ hanging wedding dress preservation if you have room in your closet. But some people just don’t have the closet space. For those folks, please be assured that our Heritage Box™ wedding gown preservation is excellent.

Both our wedding gown preservation methods are unsealed so you can inspect and admire your wedding gown at any time.  Both methods are also acid-free and lignin free which give you the best protection against yellowing that is available.  But there are some key differences in these two wedding dress preservation methods.

Museum Method™ Wedding Gown Preservation

Museum Method™ is most similar to the way museums store heirloom dresses. With this preservation method your wedding gown is hung in a 100% cotton wedding gown preservation bag which reduces the risk of permanent creases from developing from the folds and creases found with box preservation. It is also easier to admire your gown than box preservation. Just untie the cotton strap ties that run down the front of the preservation bag.  Be sure to wear your cotton gloves any time you handle your wedding dress as oils from your hands can contaminate your wedding dress. And notice that your wedding dress preservation bag can be customized with a personalized label. A beautiful touch.

Heritage Box Wedding Dress Preservation

If you don’t have the closet space for Museum Method™, rest assured that Heritage Box preservation is still fabulous. Our boxes are sturdy with metal corners, and acid-free and lignin free. We also have buffered boxes and un-buffered boxes.  The buffered boxes have  a calcium carbonate additive which gives a little extra protection to your wedding gown. But that additive can possibly damage silk gowns, so for silk gowns we use un-buffered boxes.

Many wedding gown preservation boxes that you might find at your local dry-cleaners or elsewhere may be acid-free but are usually not lignin free which is a problem because lignin will break down after a few years and that box will no longer be acid-free. So for long term preservation, a box must be acid-free AND lignin free. Our boxes are boxes that are actually used by museums for their heirloom garment storage and can also be personalized with a custom label. They are also lined with Archival Intercept a high tech liner that absorbs impurities in the air, locking them onto the liner and away from your dress.

Wedding Gown Preservation Costs

Your bridal gown cleaning and preservation costs will vary a little depending on the service package you choose.  For synthetic gowns yo can choose between Heritage Essentials™, Heritage Select™ and Heritage Couture™ wedding dress preservation services.  If your gown is silk choose between Heritage Select™ and Heritage Couture™ wedding dress preservation services.  Compare your options for wedding dress preservation packages.

We are a national company specializing in expert wedding dress cleaning and museum quality preservation and we would love to give your wedding gown our tender loving care and your choice of our two excellent wedding gown preservation options.

DIY Wedding Gown Preservation

For the Do-it-yourselfer, consider one of our DIY wedding gown preservation kits.

Museum Method™ Wedding Gown Preservation Kit
Wedding Gown Preservation Kit for Synthetic Fabrics

Gown Preservation Kit for Silk Wedding Gowns


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