A Wedding Dress Story:  From Magazine to Marriage

Once the decision was made to have a destination wedding at our vacation spot in Stone Harbor, N.J., I knew I wanted to find a wedding dress that had more of a casual, nautical feel. Hayley Paige had just introduced “Guindon,” an ivory striped organza gown that I saw in a magazine and it appealed to me because it was a little different.

My mother and I searched to find a store that carried that dress but couldn’t find it in our surrounding area. We live in Maryland and traveled to Bridal Beginnings in Mt. Lebanon, PA to try it on. They had ordered it especially for me and it was the only wedding dress I tried on that day. It was perfect. After I found my wedding gown, all the other decisions for that day fell into place.

Caitlyn's perfect wedding dress was the first one she tried on.

Caitlyn’s perfect wedding dress was the only one she tried on.

An Embroidered Wedding Dress Cleaning
A Wedding Dress Story by Amber