At Heritage Garment Preservation, we really take pride in our professional wedding gown care. Although our prices may be a bit higher than your neighborhood dry-cleaners, we really feel that our tender loving care is a bargain. Specialty wedding gown preservation companies (usually found on the east coast) who may compare to our quality usually charge between $400 – $700 to clean and preserve a wedding gown. So our prices of $250 – $370, for basic gown cleaning and preservation really are a great value.

Nevertheless, there are many brides whose budgets just don’t have a dollar to spare. We understand. That is why we also offer do-it-yourself kits. Our kits come complete with everything you need to preserve your clean gown. We offer both Museum Method and Heritage Box kits. Our Museum Method bag is made of 100% acid-free cotton, the hanger is padded with acid-free batting and covered with natural cotton. Our box is a top of the line, museum quality preservation box (you will not find this quality at your neighborhood dry-cleaners.)

If your wedding gown is polyester (look at the tag) you could even save even more by hand cleaning your gown yourself.

box wedding dress preservation kit

Heritage Box preservation kit

Wedding Dress Preservation Kit items

Museum Method preservation kit

But if it do-it-yourself gown care scares you too much, there are several ways to save money or make paying for our professional wedding gown care services easier.

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Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate your wedding dress cleaning, as the perspiration, body oils, beverage spills, good stains, hemline dirt, etc.. become more difficult to remove as they get older. And above all else, you will want to store your gown in an acid-free environment to prevent yellowing.

Scary Oxidized Stains Removed
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