We want your opinions! So… We’ve created a survey and a little incentive to coax your opinions out of you. 😉 Enjoy a $30 discount toward any wedding gown cleaning, restoration and/or preservation just for answering a few questions about cleaning your wedding dress! Some of the questions we are asking in this survey are:

  • When your dress was last worn by a bride?
  • The most important factor in selecting a wedding dress cleaner?
  • If you are willing to have a wholesale cleaner clean your dress?
  • If you are not preserving it, why not?

We have made the survey especially easy because all of the questions are multiple choice! There are no wrong answers.  We would just love your thoughts and opinions. So save $30 by taking our survey.

Your wedding gown needs to be cleaned right away for best results
Jaylin to Wear Grandmother's Gown After Wedding Dress Restoration
Jessica Wears Timeless Galia Lahav Wedding Dress