When we received Lauren L’s Paloma Blanca wedding dress, we instantly noticed the delicate fabric. Made of lace and silk taffeta, we knew we were going to be extra careful. With a lace bodice and satin silk with 3D flowers as appliques, this gorgeous dress was an honor to work with. When we received it, there was make-up and perspiration stains on the edges of the bodice, inside the bodice, and under the arms. It, like many dresses, had a very dirty hemline with dirt and possibly wine stains. There was also green pen ink and marks from high heels.

We gave it tender loving care through hand cleaning it, using the silk wet care process. We also spot cleaned the veil and hand pressed the gown and veil. Finally we preserved it with our Couture Museum Method preservation, using archival muslin.

Now Lauren can show her wedding dress to anyone she wants to!


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