Guido and Joanna’s Wedding Story – by Joanna G.

GarciaBlogGuido and I first met at the University of Notre Dame.  I lived in Pasquerilla East and Guido lived in my brother dorm, Knott Hall. For Knott’s dorm dance, I went with Guido’s roommate, Jose, and he went with my roommate Laura.

We remained friends after the dance but lost touch after graduation. Our paths crossed once again in the Summer of 2008.

I can honestly credit my best friend Bert and Facebook for reuniting us. Bert had come to California to visit me and Nancy. We decided to go to San Francisco for a few days and Bert suggested meeting up with Guido. I sent Gudio a facebook message but he did not reply until after we had left San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, Guido and I began emailing each other.

The rest, as they say, is history…..

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