Third Generation Communion Dress Restoration

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Third Generation Communion Dress Restoration

When we received this communion dress it was very yellow but I fell in love with it immediately. The dress was originally worn by Pamela Voisard in 1959 for her First communion.  It was later worn in 1988 by her daughter Roxann.  And now Pamela’s granddaughter Layne will wear the dress in early May.

Pamela was very eager to have the dress finished right away so she ordered Priority (rush) service in order to have the gown back a.s.a.p. We received the gown on Monday, cleaned, restored it and shipped it back a week later.

This darling dress is 53 years old, and the bodice was very fragile with some very small holes in the fabric.  We gave it extra TLC to keep the holes in the bodice from getting larger. We were thrilled with how nice it turned out. When Pam received it she called us right away because she was so happy with the results.  She also sent these great  before and after pictures which we really love.

Do you have a communion gown that needs restoration? Let our expert staff restore it to a lovely condition. Order your communion gown restoration at:


Before restoration Communion dress

Before Restoration
After Restoration Communion Dress
After Restoration


  1. Hi
    I have 2 cimmunion dresses i would like restored
    What do i need to do as i live in Ireland
    Can you guve me a price range too please
    I would just love if they could be restored
    1 is 34 years old the other is 27 years old

  2. Hi Brenda, thanks for reaching out. We would love to help you with your gowns. You can order communion gown restoration online. Normally we pay for return shipping, but because you live in Ireland there will be an additional charge. Call us at 903-581-9609 to discuss this or email us at If you are ready to order, go to:

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