We are usually all about wedding gowns, but once in a while we have the opportunity to work on other heirloom garments. We care for christening gowns, communion gowns, and occasionally uniforms. We had a great time working on this uniform for retiring Marine Erin Parks.  We put a lot of  effort into this uniform because we know what it means to her as a momento of her service to our nation.

Erin’s cap required quite a bit of care. It was different than wedding gown cleaning.  It had make up on the inside rim, and the visor was sun damaged.  We used professional chemicals to spot clean the entire cap including the inside rim with excellent results.  We were also able to restore the luster of the visor.

It was exciting to see the uniform come back to life.  The traces of dust and some mold disappeared and the uniform looked like brand new.  Erin chose Museum Method preservation, which allows the full uniform to be visible. It is shown here before we covered it with our acid-free cotton bag for storage.

We love working on uniforms!  The same week that we restored Erin’s uniform, we cleaned and preserved a uniform from the Korean war, including restoring dull, tarnished buttons back to new.  We love our work.

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